The Gods and Goddesses of Evil

Deities of Evil

Asmodeus (LE) – the trader of sin and dealer of boons. He is the devil only those seeking misfortune summon. Willing to make a trade for a price. Though his followers have been wiped out during the cleansing, his name refuses to be scrubbed from this earth. Try as the Sect of the Holy ones might, there is no getting rid of the trader of sin.

Bane (LE) – the god of malice and power. The black guard holds his name among their bloody shield. They were prepared when the cleansing came. One of the bloodiest battles in history took place only for the good to be pushed back. When the Sect of the Holy Ones returned to Spineback Ridge, the Black Guard all but vanished.

Vecna (NE) – the Arch-Lich of death. Little is known about him or his worshipers but the Raven Queen all but seeks to destroy the stain they have left on this earth. Undeath spreads itself through Masserath and people whisper why. Vecna, the god of undeath must be why.

Hextor (LE) – known as the Herald of Hell, Hextor is depicted as a six armed beast. Those who hold malice and envy in their hearts turn to the dark teachings of Hextor. For the strong must rule the weak and the weak must die.

The Gods and Goddesses of Evil

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