Pillar of Disorder

Chaotic Deities

Olidammara (CN) – the trickster of debauchery. Clerics of this faith are rare but not unheard of. They can be found drunken in the local tavern or on the streets basking in fights. The people that love life and mischief find themselves akin to the god of debauchery.

Avandra (CG) – the goddess of travel and adventure. Her shrines are many, often found along side roads less traveled. New adventurers often wear holy symbols around their necks seeking glory and fame among the world.

Kord (CG) – the redhead of battle and valor. Kord holds no shrines but his worshipers are many. The main bulk of the Iron Boar’s army chant to his name almost invigorated by the thought of battle. The unaligned barbarians are also known to hold feasts in his honor, though these tend to usually end in fights that encompass a whole town.

The Pillar of Disorder is known to be small and worshipers of these faiths tend not to partake in the weekly meetings at the summit of the church. On rare occasion a cleric will come forth to discuss matters, but only in dire circumstances.

Pillar of Disorder

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